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Be part of the technics team

For the following services, initiatives and projects, we still need volunteers (more or less urgently). Generally, it's enough for us if you are down for something and want to get involved somehow. With a little commitment and support from us, you can easily get started. If anything sounds interesting to you, just contact us at the given e-mail address.

There is also a public calendar for meetings and various activities.

There is a separate group for the WLAN expansion in the individual buildings. No prior knowledge is required and we are happy to welcome anyone who is interested. The project language is English.

For our Freescale WLAN, there are already WLAN checkers based on Fonera hardware. These devices are connected to the FeM-Net via LAN and regularly check whether they can connect via WLAN at their location and if they can establish an internet connection with it.

A similar solution should be set up for the Aruba WLAN. The used hardware could be a Raspberry Pi, for example. The implementation of the checks should be done via Icinga2, so that the devices can be easily integrated to the existing monitoring infrastructure. Later, it should be possible to quickly deploy the devices (e.g. via a ready-made image which can be copied to an SD card and plugged into a Rasperry Pi).

As developer of the WLAN checkers, you have full rein to develop your own ideas and can freely design the system. We provide you with the necessary hardware, and support you if you have any questions or problems.

You take care of our services Jira, Bitbucket, Bamboo and Crucible - from the VM to creating users.

Our new WLAN comes from Aruba. You'll work your way into the configuration behind it and make sure that our members get mobile internet.

You have login access to the heart of FeM-Net and can configure anything there. This is a very Du hast Login-Zugang zum Herz des FeM-Net und kannst da alles konfigurieren. This is a very trusting task, so we would like to know you a little longer beforehand.

We run an XMPP Server on ejabberd basis. You can make this HA and otherwise make updates from time to time.

You look after our Mastodon instance fem.social. Mainly moderation of posts and occasional updates.

pgsql-2 is our new PostgreSQL database cluster in multimaster setup. It is already fully built and well documented, and only needs to be kicked into productive operation by someone.

You spend the money on technology, order our stuff, make sure it arrives complete and intact and take care of returns.

The AdminDB is our central member database, which also handles network management. There are several things which have to be advanced or fixed. If you're into software archaeology, this can be your job ^^

Our LDAP is located on “directory”. This may gladly get a few updates. Moreover, you can give permissions to active members for almost everything.

Currently a temperature sensor is mounted on several servers in the operating rooms. We would like to swap that to dedicated Banana Pis. The hardware is already there. The goal is to make the devices operational and configurable in large quantities, so that we can equip all important operating rooms with the respective devices.

It may be that the English wiki page is not as up-to-date as the German one. In either way, just contact technics team if you want to participate somehow. There is always something to do.

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